being fed at church

4 Spiritual Eating Disorders

Many Christians engage the discussion of "being fed", and I began to think of the following eating disorders in the church when it comes to "being fed": OBESITY: Only attend church so we can "be fed". "If I they don't feed me there, I'm leaving for another church with a better buffet." Always eat; no exercise. Constantly being fed but doing no work with the spiritual food taken in. Doing nothing outside the walls of the church. These are obese Christians!

ANOREXIC: do not need or want to be fed. never take the time to be nurtured spiritually. end up losing the strength and spiritual nutrition the spirit needs. ends up weak and despondent. ends up destroying and killing the spirit once it has gone too far. These are anorexic Christians!

OVER-EXERCISED: looks similar to the anorexic Christian, but a significant difference. often your Church leaders; obsessed with ministry. go hard all the time. never take the time to rest in connection with the heart of God. rarely fed, but going all the time...."but its fine because its ministry, right?" These are overexercised Christians!

BULEMIC: Often characterized by a binging of spiritual input. ends up expelling everything in an apathetic forgetfulness. goes to the church, gets fed (sometimes a lot), but forgets everything once it hits the door.