abiding in Christ

Avoid the slow leak

leakWhen you have a slow leak, it may go unrecognized until it is too late. All the necessary fluids are leaked out until seizing breakage happens.

This is the nature of our relationship and connection with the Father. Oswald "Ozzie" Chambers writes, "spiritual leakage begins when we cease to lift our eyes unto Him." We can allow this leak to continue over the course of days and weeks until life brings about that seizing breaking moment. Suddenly our lack of care to look to God with routine has caused our greatest breakdown. "Only when God brings you to a sudden halt will you recognize how you have been losing out [all along]."

When you look at your heart and life, is there already a slow leak beginning in your routine connection and entanglement with the heart of God? Do not wait for the screeching halt and ultimate break down to care for that slow leak. It will be too late by that time. You will have to only take on the bigger cost of repairing the broke down heart that could have been cared for with ongoing routine maintenance of the heart.

In Abba's Embrace

"The hand of God does not hold the man nearer, clasped in its grip, but sets him free, and its creative power becomes the longing love of the Creator for the creature." - Bonhoeffer This Bonhoeffer quote is a great image for my heart to see today.  I am reminded that God is not a vindictive dictator manipulating my every move so that I remain near to him and his model for my life.  That would not be love!  If, in his phenomenal power, God manipulated my every move that I had no option but to love him back, I would not have loved him anyway.  But as a phenomenal Creator, he has given me life and asked that I be close to him and yet allowing me to live that life as I choose.

I am reminded of one of many fears I had of becoming a father.  If I raise a child with great love, I cannot imagine the pain of a time when my own daughter lives her own life without a desire to be near me and the love I have given her.  I imagine I would stay back, wanting her to go and become a woman; for her to grow into a strong woman; all along waiting back for her to desire time, connection, and nearness to me, her father.

This image has served me well today in my connection with the heart of God.

My Father has given me life to live, but how close have I desired to be?  He waits for me to be near while he also enjoys seeing me go and grow and mature.  I long to be near my Abba who has given me life and brought me this far into the person I am.