Ted Williams

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Why Ted Williams is unwelcome

"Oh wait! You actually needed more help than the makeover we gave you? We are ashamed of you now." - America

I have been sucked into the firestorm of the Ted Williams story this week. I cannot help but see a hard reality of our media and American culture weaving its way into the story.

We were so quick to overlook any possible deeper issues in order to make ourselves look better by helping this man with a makeover, but once they cleared away the dirt, grime, and hair, they found "demons" like alcoholism and a dark past. Now the story changes.

Suddenly, the man with the golden voice is another tabloid regular, and there is an air of disappointment in the media coverage.

It makes me wonder, "Do you really think all you had to do was cut his hair and give him some new clothes?"

Today, I am wondering how many churches do the same thing. How often do we want simply to get someone "saved" without any concern to the reality of brokenness that lies underneath? Are we willing to enter into those things after the initial saving?

Suppose we do enter into someone's broken story, are we going to react with grave disappointment as though we never expected the sin-soaked nature of humanity to rear its ugly head after they accept Jesus Christ?

No answers here...just reflection...