Rich Mullins

Ragamuffin Movie

If you have an affinity for outrageous grace, hammered dulcimer, or the scandal of God's love...if you appreciate indie films, bare feet, white T-shirts, affronts to religious people, or good art...If you have a love for the faith, music, or life of Rich Mullins... [youtube] A few dear friends have embarked on this project to tell a story of a man who knew God's love, mercy, and grace in ways I can only imagine very few ever have. Please take a moment to support this project in one of a couple ways

1. Share this post and/or video on your social media outlets. 2. Email with your name and you city, state if you would like to see this film released in your town.

Support a Ragamuffin Movie

A good friend of mine is directing a film about, who I might consider, the original ragamuffin, Rich Mullins. The idea of the Ragamuffin life of faith may have been communicated first by Brennan Manning, but it was first lived out in its strongest sense by Rich. Please take a moment to watch this small clip by Rich's little brother and a brief trailer for the film.