Stereotypical Relationship

I am almost convinced the most important question in the Bible is, "Who do you say I am?" There is something about that question! I think it is the most important because my answer determines a great deal about my heart and inner-life of faith in Christ.

Who is the Jesus of my heart and inner-life?

When I sit to describe the Jesus I know, can I really say I know Him at all?

Today I went on my morning prayer-walk around my neighborhood, and this question stuck in my head and heart in a way I could not shake or dodge. Can I really say I know Him with any level of intimacy if my answer to His great question is only a stream of stereotypes, cliches, and turns of speech I have learned over the years of church-going?

If I have not gained some sort of intimacy with Jesus, even a glimpse of the stunning reality of His relationship with me, I am left to tag Jesus with learned words from someone else about what a good Churchy Jesus looks like.

No thank you!

This morning I prayed and asked for a relationship that was not a stereotype. I asked to be near to Jesus because I know it is good for me to be close, and then I had nothing to really say. I just kept walking, knowing I was near to Jesus. I know Jesus to be a friend I can walk with.

At one point I thought to pray "Jesus, I sure could use your help." I was prepared to bring all my requests at that time, and then I had to stop.

I grinned, and said,

"But can we not? I'd rather just be with you. Never mind all those other things. They can wait. I'd rather be close and be with you."

I heard my Friend say in return,

"Yeah! This is very nice. I have not had this kind of time with you in so long."

When I think of who I say Jesus is to me, today, he is the one I just want to be with. He is the friend I just want to be around and not worry about things we need to do or get done. Today, Jesus is the friend who is so fond of me he also looks forward to our time together.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.