Rooted: The Hidden Places Where God Develops You [A BOOK REVIEW]

I have written several book reviews on my page, but this one is particularly exciting. This is a book that comes out today not only from my pastor, Banning Liebscher, but it really does come straight to you from my church. It comes from me in a way. 

In Rooted, Banning reminds us that once God calls you to something great, the next step is not fruit, it is a root system. Our lives are lived faster and faster today, and with that comes an exponential impatience. We have forgotten God is present in a process for our lives, and that process begins after God calls you to something. God's call on your life is not a light switch; it is a developmental process. 

Banning uses the skeleton of David's life to show God's developmental process in who you are before the vision you have comes to be. The three areas of development Banning highlights are Intimacy, Serving, and Community. It is in each of these areas you develop a lasting root system below the surface that can sustain and support the greater vision God has called you to. 

Your vision and call are not the most important thing to God. YOU are the most important thing to God, and you have to be developed in the very person you are to become before you can see and handle the fruit that comes later. 

This book is such a fantastic read. Banning is a great and engaging storyteller. I have known great authors who are terrible speakers and speakers who are terrible authors. Banning is one of very few who are able to give both from a man who has allowed and continues to allow God's hands to cultivate richer and richer soil.

This book comes out today anywhere you buy books, I really recommend grabbing a copy of this book, especially if you know God has called you to something and you are wondering why it just hasn't happened yet.

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PC Walker

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