Really Think Of Who Jesus Is To You

I am thinking for a moment who Jesus really is to me. In prayer, I begin by picturing myself present with Jesus, fully present, and then I begin to have a conversation.

Jesus, you are called Savior. Have you been a Savior to me, and how have you been a savior to me? You have rescued me from circumstances I am glad never to have had to experience. You have also pulled me out of circumstances that were causing my heart to dry up. You have saved me from the shame of any past that threatens to hold me back. I know that freedom in reality, and it is only because you have saved me. 

I stop to listen to his heart and he speaks to my heart.

Jesus, you are called LORD. How have you been my Lord? I can imagine your words have impacted me an enormous deal. The way you have treated people and asked that I treat people is a force I am driven by. You are the one I want to honor and obey. I want to fulfill the words and life you model for me and demand of me. 

Jesus, you are said to be my Teacher. What lessons have you really taught me? What have I actually learned FROM you? How do I remain an actual student of your even though I do not have your physical presence. Well I continue to read your words and your teaching like I do any other heroes of faith and teaching. I am not present with Brennan Manning or A.W. Tozer, but I am in a real way being taught by them still. I have your words to learn from. 

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.