Offensive love

I take courage in knowing how undignified God's love is. When I look at the Prodigal Son (a parable exemplifying God's love) or the story of the woman caught in adultery, the love of our Lord is not concerned with the same things our love for others would be concerned. I see a Father who runs to the son and does not give him a chance to confess and say he is sorry. I see Jesus not wait for the woman's sorrow to be evident enough for the forgiveness.

This love is so tasteless and ridiculous. It is damned unfair is what it is. Show some concern, Jesus, for crying out loud! You cannot just forgive and honor these people. Won't they just go back and do the same things again? Couldn't you have waited to MAKE SURE that whore did not, in fact, go and sin no more before you gave her so much grace and forgiveness?

This love of God is offensive and outrageous. I know I would never treat someone like that. None of us would! The difference between a disciple of Jesus and anyone else is that, knowing I would never treat someone like Jesus does, I am either saddened or indignant at the realization.

The person who knows they would never treat someone like Jesus does and responds with "You're damn right I wouldn't" is no follower of Jesus.

The follower of Jesus is saddened that they fall so far short of loving others the way their Lord exemplifies and commands.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.