If I Knew I'd Be Blind

If I knew I'd be blind
six months from today
I would

make a list
of persons, things, places
I want to see again,
to engrave on my mind before I lose sight.
I would take mind of my feelings
when I attempt to see them.

I would go through an average day--
waking up
as a blind man,
observing all my thoughts and feelings.

What does blindness do
to my profession,
to my greatest roles in life,
to my relationship with others?

Determination arises in me!
Life is going to be as abounding and happy
as before my sight is lost.

It has been said blind people see
things they brushed aside when they had sight.
I am searching those things out.

What has sight given me thus far?

Would I be the same person I am today
if I had never seen
the ocean
or the moon
or the changing of seasons
or people's faces?

I have to pay close attention
to all the beauty I have seen
thanks to my eyes.

Wonder is the heart of reflection and meditation. 
How many moments have my eyes given me?

Would I have known love
and tenderness
in any of the same ways I have
without my eyes?

If I knew I'd be blind
six months from today,
I'd have to ask,

How will I use my eyes today?

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.