The God of PC

You recognize the address throughout scripture to the "God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob". This week there was a reflection on this at our church regarding the reality God does not tell them to say He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. He is still mentions Jacob before his name change. He references "the deceiver"; he references the bad part of Jacob's life. There is good reflection in knowing God is still God of your bad times as much as He is of our good times. 

I kept thinking of this address God asks to be given. People knew who Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were. When God says, "Tell them I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob", that meant something very specific to anyone who would hear that because they knew the stories and wonders of Abraham's God. They knew the provision and protection of Isaac's God. They knew the redemption of Jacob's God. People told and retold the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for centuries, and those stories were always more about those men's God. They would have known God's involvement in their lives.

Today it has me wondering if people around me have heard enough stories of the God of PC. Do people know the stories of God's provision, redemption, protection, and love of PC? If they ask who sent me, who should I say has sent me? If I say the God of PC Walker, would that be evident and clear. "Oh, that is the God of enormous love and mercy. That is the God of redemption and restoration. That is the God of courage and strength. Because I know PC. I know his story, and I watched God's involvement in his heart and life along the way. I recognize THAT God."

PC Walker

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