DTR Prayer

If my relationship with Jesus is as important as I say it is, I imagine a moment of prayer in which I sit with Him to discuss our relationship.

I begin by paying attention to the feelings that rise within me when I realize I am going to sit with my friend even for a moment. How much anticipation do I have for the time I get to steal away with Jesus?

Once I pay attention to the presence of Jesus and His Spirit with mine, we begin a conversation.

I begin with an negative things. Do I need to look at any resentments I might be carrying? I may need to clear the air a bit with anything I have been holding on to. There may be some things I have allowed to affect our connection as friends and soulmates. My resentments I have are likely because I have a distorted understanding of Jesus, His words, and His intent, but we have to communicate to sort those out.

Do I have a sense of his unconditional love for me? Do I have an unbroken trust that his love drives away any fears I might have? If there are particular fears in our relationship, I put them out on the table to be addressed in this time. I allow my heart to rest as Jesus' love drives away any fears I might have in our relationship.

Now I celebrate our relationship and speak out different adjectives to describe our relationship. I mostly celebrate with wonderful descriptions that do my heart a lot of good. There are some adjectives that aren't entirely "positive". As long as they are honest, they don't have to be positive to be helpful.

I then start to express my expectations and requests. What do I expect from our relationship and friendship? What are my hopes and cravings in this relationship?

I take time to listen to His expectations of me. 

This drives us to a point in the conversation where we focus on the future. What kind of future do we want our relationship to have? Where do we want this relationship to be next year? What do we want it took like?

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.