Answer To Someone Else's Prayer

In the work I do with the population I work with, I never know what will come through the door. I am a pastor to those in crisis. That crisis can be absolutely anything on any given day. It may be an escape from danger, a cry for help, or a request for something from the lowest of low points. Sometimes it involves abuse, addiction, or some other circumstance where the entire bottom falls out.

Not too long ago, I began to pray something the moment I sat down at my desk each morning. As I began praying it often, it created a framework for the way I saw people throughout the day. It framed the way I interacted with each broken person. It is a scary prayer, and I dare you to begin praying it. 

"God make me an answer to someone's desperate prayer today!"

Every single day, the people you come across are at the lowest of low. They may not be as overtly broken as the people I see each day, but don't be fooled by the put-together veneer of the people you see every day. Every day, someone you speak to, someone you know, is just trying to hold it together. 

Someone you talk to today prayed, with or without words, in desperation this morning, "God, I need something to work, because I am not going to make it much further."

Can you imagine if, in answering that person's desperate prayer, God sent you? 

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.