Lazy Day

What is my favorite way to spend a lazy day?

I can only recall a time when days were allowed to be lazy. It was nearly a work of art to establish a day for being lazy. It was before lazy days were miracles you never expect or count on to materialize. There was a day when lazy was allowed, but miracles are not always allowed in our way of life.

Today I cannot imagine one lazy day; I can barely imagine a couple lazy hours. Our days are full of responsibility and expectations. The days are full of tasks and dependability. Lazy times require a lot of room that no longer exists.

If I had even a day, I would steal it away like a grimy criminal. It would have to be under the blanket of night after my children were asleep. I would need an alibi for why I even deserved that lazy time. The law of responsibility would be breathing down my neck while I tried to get away with theivery. An outright criminal, I tell you!

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.