Jesus is More

That Jesus was 'special' is a drastically pallid understatement. But that is the reminder for me this Christmas season. It is easy to be so wrapped up in the nativity to forget that there was something eternally special about this child. When I read the story, I forget the air that must have come around this baby. I think of who He was to be and become and the Spirit in Him. The Spirit that IS Him. 

The only way He could be more special is if He lived on forever, and He does. The only way that story become as magical and mysterious as a child makes Santa to be is if Jesus Christ also never dies and lives on in our hearts forever. Of course, He does in truth and reality. He lives on in the truth as His Spirit takes hold of our heart and spirit for the rest of our lives. 

I tend to focus a great deal on the humanity of Jesus when I think of Christmas, because after all, God came close in Jesus. God came into our flesh that we may truly know Him and that He might truly know our human condition enough that He might redeem it. The humanity of Christ is truly a gift, but I also have to remember to direct my attention and expectation to the Holy. I miss the divine. I miss the greater relationship found in and with Christ. 

This is the challenge of my heart  and mind this year. Don't forget that Jesus is more than special. He is Holy! We celebrate a holy invasion of earth that lives on in the hearts of men and women who will not ignore the sacred realities of Jesus Christ, which still play out for us today and throughout eternity.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.