High Fidelity Week: Try It You Might Like It

This week I put a hold on the 'deeper' musings and appeal to the music lover in me who I hope appeals to the music lover in you. I will provide highlights of and links to different Spotify lists I have created. You can also just follow me on spotify to see all the playlists and songs I listen to. Check back each day this week to read about that day's playlist. I'm kicking the week off with today's playlist, entitled:


For many years I have kept a list on my phone of songs, artists, albums I want to check out. It may be a recommendation from a friend. It may be because of an article I read in a magazine or online. It may also just be a new album from an artist I have liked for a while. I have used spotify for a long time to take a listen to these artists, and then I finally realized, "I could just make a playlist and put all these artists, songs, or albums in it to listen whenever I can. 

This list is going to be very diverse, and it is always going to be changing. It is managed by my own personal tastes. So I will add and remove items all the time. I may listen to it, not like it, and remove it from the list. I may listen to it for a while until it just sets in to a category of liking it enough that it is no longer something I am just "checking out", so I'll remove it. 

I would love feed back and recommendations. Feel free to email or facebook those my way for this list. Enjoy that list here.