“These are the things I have lived for”

I live for my family. It can be as cliché as you wish it to be, but the truth remains. I live to love all my girls well and raise my daughters well. 

A few years ago, as both of my daughters left the baby stage and entered into the little person princess stage, I realized something very important about raising princesses. They can only learn to be princesses when they watch the way you treat the queen. How I love and treat Tonya is perhaps the primary way I can raise my daughters well. I live to love Tonya. She was my dream California girl, and she remains the woman of my dreams. I live to treat her with respect, support, and honor. I live to do everything I can to present the example of a man who loves a queen, not just the girl. Guys are smitten by girls, but men love and honor women. 

It is important to me my daughters see an example of relationship worth emulating as they grow older. It is important to me my daughters never give all of themselves to any boy who has not proven in all of his actions, words, and thoughts that he loves you more than he loves himself because they watched their Dad show how it is done. Because this is what I live for, I wrote this letter to any boy or guy my daughters choose to bring around

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.