HIGH FIDELITY WEEK: The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer...

This week I put a hold on the 'deeper' musings and appeal to the music lover in me who I hope appeals to the music lover in you. I will provide highlights of and links to different Spotify lists I have created. You can also just follow me on spotify to see all the playlists and songs I listen to. Check back each day this week to read about that day's playlist. Now for the final installment, today's playlist, entitled:


Yes, I know its only November. You don't HAVE to listen to it yet. You can just subscribe so its there for you when you're ready, or you can be ridiculous and start listening now. Either way, you are going to love this list eventually.

It is filled with the traditional Christmas standards, but it also has goofy songs, remakes by friends, and other artists you may not normally expect to hear Christmas renditions from. Have a Merry Frickin Christmas!


PC Walker

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