High Fidelity Week: Blues in the Face

This week I put a hold on the 'deeper' musings and appeal to the music lover in me who I hope appeals to the music lover in you. I will provide highlights of and links to different Spotify lists I have created. You can also just follow me on spotify to see all the playlists and songs I listen to. Check back each day this week to read about that day's playlist. Now for today's playlist, entitled:


Now listen, I am "one of those" people who say I like all kinds of music, but I really do mean it. Well, I like all kinds of music except for country music. I will try about anything. I am not saying I will like and love everything I listen to, but I am fully content with giving something a try. 

I say that to set a context for a couple of my great loves. While I like almost all music, I love a few others deep in my heart and soul. Blues music is one of those loves in my heart. I have not had a particularly rough life, but something of the gritty blues just grabs me every time. 

On this list you'll find perhaps a few names you recognize (BB King, Muddy Waters, etc.), but you will also find some of the richest blues history in the rest of the list. I am adding to this list all the time as I come across more greatness floating in spotify land.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.