magnify Have you ever read certain terms in scripture or used certain terms in your Christian speak without knowing what they mean?

Me neither...

Except all the time.

Have you ever had moments when those terms just open up to you in meaning?

'Magnify' is one of those words for me. We are to magnify the Lord, and the Lord shall be magnified. It is one of those words that are vague until you put such a simple understanding to it.

It made so much since when I thought about a magnifying glass and its purpose. Now suddenly, magnifying God makes plenty of sense.

As with a magnifying glass, I would make anything within its focus BIGGER.

Everything else is smaller. God should be and is made so much bigger when he is in focus.

I magnify God when He is made bigger than all my other things...

bigger than my stress bigger than my problems bigger than my deadlines bigger than my deficiencies bigger than my accomplishments bigger than my...

PC Walker

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