Random Reflections: Monday

Jesus has never been anywhere and that place remain the same. Because he was known to mess up people's schedules. He WILL inconvenience you, but we have done almost everything we can to schedule God out.

Nearly every time God comes to my life, he has to ask, "Am I interrupting again?"

God also does not do comfortable. I do not like uncomfortable because it means releasing my control.

Prayer is one of my disappointing deficits, and God is calling me to the next level of prayer.

Spiritual people cry out, "Oh God!" in all situations, but I can often see crisis and say, "Okay! What am I going to do now?" This means I am living way beneath my God-given potential. I need to learn to stand in the midst of God and not make my own answer.

I have to learn to stand in the midst of God, and OBEY. Too many of us are educated beyond our ability to obey. We hear and then we analyze, and think about it. As Americans, that’s just what we do.

When I do not learn to live in this way, my problems become my identity. Maybe I think my problem will never be healed. God did not stretch the man’s withered hand, God said stretch forth your hand (Luke 6:6-11).

We are often haunted from our past, and Satan uses our past to destroy our future.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.