12 Stone Life

My friend once explained all his tattoos to our small group.  It was interesting to hear how much each of them explained something in his life at one time.  He went on to explain one of the reasons he has them. He talked about the book of Joshua when he is told by God to walk into the river and once he comes out of the other side to build a tower to remind his children and his children's children where God has brought him and what God has brought him THROUGH.  Hector (my friend) explained how his tattoos are his 12 stones.

God tells many more people to do the same thing.  It was not always 12 stone towers, but there was always a challenge and command to have something to show your kids and your kids' kids for generations down the road where God had brought you through.

For Hector, his tattoos are his 12 stones.  There have been times people notice a tattoo of his and they ask about it.  This gives him the opportunity to explain to them what each of the tattoos signify.  He is able to explain them to his daughter and one day to his grand kids.  All the tattoos have stories about where God has brought Hector.

So I began to ask myself what my 12 stones will be.  What will I leave that will show my children and my children's children where God has brought me?  Of course it hit me immediately.  My journals will be those books, my legacy, my 12 stones.  My writing will last longer than I do, which is absolutely crazy.  But nonetheless, those are my 12 stones.  I hope my kids read my journals and pass them down for generations to come.  I hope they serve as a tower of evidence of where God has brought me.  These are my 12 stones.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.