God, you are my God. You are my Peace, my Desire, and my Drive. You created the entire world and universe and space with your voice, and yet you are capable of relating intimately with my heart. You are able to relate to my heart so tenderly and intimately while simultaneously relating just as intimately with every other human being on this planet. Should there be life on other planets, which we cannot even conceptualize, you are capable of relating intimately and tenderly to them as well. Do you know the numbers of hairs on each animal? Do you know how many hairs are on these strange characters from other planets (should they exist!)? Do they have hair at all? God you expansive existence is one I will never fully know; I could never contain it. Every human on this earth could have a phenomenal revelation of you, and together, we would never be fully capable of praising you for what you are worth. I have no idea why you love me, why you bring me up to you in intimacy and love. How, oh God, could you love such a spec as I am? I could never praise you enough or give you enough (though you have everything), and yet you give me so abundantly much. I will never fully understand it.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.