Okay, you're right! Prove it!

THE PROBLEM, though, is that our culture has moved on without us. We are still behind yelling about how we are right and everyone else is wrong. Our culture is ahead of us, and we stubbornly stay behind. Our culture, today, calls for action. Our culture and our world needs experiential proof. Now the word "proof" may spark our old attention, but we need to begin seeing "proof" very differently than we always have before.

We have exhausted ourselves at proving we are right and they are wrong, but we are only going to reach our culture today....NOW...when we learn to prove our Christian motives to love and serve when we actually go out in the world to love and serve.

Our world and culture no longer hear our words of "proof" for the right and wrong of Christianity; it has moved forward and awaits us to prove we are Christians by actually BEING Christians in the world around us.


PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.