Question God

I came across an old friend from the homeland (Muncie,IN) through Facebook. It was great to hear from this guy, how he's been doing lately, his daughter...all that stuff. It was also great to hear that, he too, had "found Jesus", but he still had a lot of questions. He mentioned that he is always looking for proof and asking questions of this whole faith thing. Questions are a part of faith. They have to be. The moment you think you have all all the answers, you have sorely mistaken yourself. Truth of the matter is that questions are essential to faith. If you do not have questions you would then make the assumption that you know it all. If you knew it all, there would be no reason for faith. There would be no reason for there to be an "all-knowing" God.

Questions are a strong driving force behind faith. Questions absolutely need to be accepted in the Christian faith. I think, further, that questions need to be celebrated in the Christian faith. For its the questions that allow us to realize something very important to Christianity: we do not know it all.

God and his ways will never make sense to me. I still cannot get past the whole concept that God can know me inside and out and love me tenderly and unconditionally. Never mind all the other dimensions of God, theology and Christianity; I still cannot figure this one out.

But that is the point! God will always be crazy to me. He will never make sense, but for that reason, I GET TO ask questions and pursue Him for the rest of my life.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.