Unsatisfied with God

It truly is a bad thing to be satisfied spiritually, but I began thinking, "Isn't that exactly what we work so hard to accomplish though?"  We want to be satisfied spiritually.  We want not to be challenged or pressed.  We want our spirituality, our faith to easy and satisfactory.  We long to get to a point where our faith is not so much work.  We want our minds and hearts to be at ease because we think that is when we will have "arrived" spiritually. But we forget that if we ever arrive at that place, our faith will have died.  Our spirit must never be satisfied.  Our soul  and mind must never be satisfied.  I must always need more.  I have to need more understanding than I have.  I must always be thirst for more.  God must never make sense to me to an extent that I can rest in the knowledge I have.  Every experience of God I have should leave me more thirsty...it should always leave me wanting more.  Every experience of God, no matter how restful it may be, should never leave me wanting to just sit in satisfaction.  I should always have more questions.  God should always mystify me.  God should never make sense to me for very long.  I should never be satisfied spiritually.  If I understood God for longer than necessary, I will have lost faith because God would have become containable, tame, and unworthy of my devotion.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.