An honor just to be nominated

Last week, my friend nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, and I am thrilled just to be nominated. My insecurity assumes my only reader is mom just clicking refresh over and over and over, but I have greatly appreciated each visitor as this page has grown over the last few years. Thank you so much. My nomination and awarding requires of me a few things, and I will honor all of those right now.

Thank the person who nominated you (including a link) Sarah is a wife and mother who shares her labors of wonder and love from each day with love and creativity to keep you reading and checking in.

Nominate 15 bloggers you follow regularly (in no particular order) 1. Life to Her Years - Posts consisting of a picture and a sweet statement about fathering daughters. 2. Malisa Price - Friend who exploded with blogging momentum in only a short year. Great posts about crafting, cooking, and blogging. 3. Tattoo Lit - An interesting post of tattoos with literary inspirations. 4. Moleskinerie - Just a great blog about people's creative uses of the famous journals. 5. Barefoot on 45th - Wife and mother and writer of beautiful reflections. 6. Faith on Campus - Great resource for anyone who works with college students. 7. Aloha Hoa Aloha - Student and friend with a creative zest for what she sees in life around her each day 8. Heart of Campus Ministry - Another great resource maintained by good friends and to which I sporadically contribute. 9. Ragamuffin Soul - Well he is a blogging superstar and worship leader, but you just have to visit to see all the goodness. 10. Daily Doodle - Simple doodles this guy draws in his moleskine each day. That is all! But I love it for some reason. 11. Anthony Price - Malisa's husband and a good friend. He has recently left that tumblr nonsense to be a REAL blogger. 12. Blaine Hogan - author and creative director at Willow Creek, and I only recently tripped upon his page. Dig around to find the goods. (Hint: youtube) 13.  Ze Frank - This guys finds and shares the most incredible, creative, and inspiring things on the internet. 14. Michael Hyatt - Another blogging powerhouse who certainly does not need my petty little nomination, but I learn so much reading this blog. 15. Yours - I don't have a link, because you haven't left it in my comment section yet.

Tell 7 things about yourself 1. Yes, I love coffee. No, I do not like it dark. 2. I have a wife, a daughter, and another daughter on the way, which means I'll have to begin wearing high heels just to fit in at my own house. 3. I like my beer like a like my women: with little hops, in a cold mug, from Belgium (okay its not like women at all) 4. In order, my favorite sports teams are: Notre Dame football, Oregon Ducks football, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts. (so I like football) 5. I used to listen to Counting Crows all the time. I still do, but I used to too. 6. I love cold, rain, and snow while hating hot, sunny, summers. 7. If I were not in ministry or speaking, I think I would like to be a window washer or painter.

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