Quick letter to my female students

Have you been frustrated with the no good men pursuing you? Here is a thought for you today. [good] Men do not fight for anything of no value. Are you worth fighting for?

Now of course, I assure you that you ARE worth fighting for. The question is not as if you were not possibly worthy, but whether or not you act like you are worthy. Do you act like you are valuable enough to be fought for and pursued? Further, do you believe you are valuable?

If you give yourself out to whatever and whomever, you are not believing you are worthy or valuable enough to be really fought for and pursued. You give yourself to lesser boys and 'guys' who will never fight and are looking for easy pleasure. You will not be saved and taken care of if you are not valuable. You will only be used and thrown away.

But that is the game of boys and guys!

Men will fight for and pursue value and worth. You ARE valuable and worthy, BUT act like it and believe it.

* Quick letter to my male students

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.