Temptation ain't that bad

There is no shame in temptation.  That is, there should not be any shame in temptation.  We too often allow shame to strike us when we are tempted.  When we find ourselves being tempted, we will often tear ourselves down for having been tempted.  Something within us believes we should not be tempted.  I am not sure why I believe that though.  I am not sure why I forgot that even Jesus was tempted.  There is no shame in being tempted. We need to quit understanding temptation as sin.  We would do our spirit a favor by RE-understanding temptation as a choice; as an opportunity for choice.  Ultimately, temptation presents us with a choice that needs to be made each time.  We have wrongly convinced ourselves that temptation is an opportunity to sin, but we don't realize that it is just as much an opportunity for righteousness.  Temptation is a reality of life daily and even moment by moment.  Temptation always comes with a choice.  We have to begin understanding temptation as an opportunity for a choice, and temptation is an equal-opportunity choice; you may choose sin...but you may also choose righteousness.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.