Never trust a Christian who...

A quote I read a few days ago by Alan Chambers says, "Never trust a pastor who does not walk with a limp."  The quote was fantastic.  His point was that pastors should be the first to share their vulnerabilities and transparency.  I agree with that statement, but I would further the challenge to say, "Never trust a CHRISTIAN who does not walk with a limp." As we desire to reach out to the world and culture around us, we may do this when people truly know us.  Nobody wants to have a relationship with someone who seems perfect.  Look at the more "successful" ministries and churches in our country.  They are commonly those who foster an environment of openness, honesty, vulnerability and struggle.

Though I agree this has to be modeled from the top down, the challenge still remains for the other members of our communities.  As we desire to go out and reach the world and culture around us, there has to be a certain honesty and vulnerability.  That openness is what draws people into a relationship.

Never trust a CHRISTIAN who walks without a limp.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.