The greatest temptation

What temptation is Satan's most powerful and prevalent?  I'd say its the same one he tempted Adam and Eve with.  I'd say its the same one he tempted JESUS with.  What was the first temptation he offered Jesus?  "You will be like God."  Satan is continually tempting us to step out of our humanity to be like God. We have been given humanity.  We have bodies, we ache, and we cry real tears.  We labor to live.  We are human beings with the tangibility of humanity to live with for now.  Oh, but Satan is crafty.  His strongest and most prevalent temptation is for us to attempt an escape from these realities.

Each time I try to break through these limitations, I am succumbing to this strong temptation.  Think about the majority of our addictions and "struggles" (in case the word 'addictions' is too strong).  Are they not usually attempts to escape the realities of humanity?  Are they not our pale attempts at escaping or at least avoiding our pain, our frustrations, our...feeling....our HUMANITY?

How do we see ourselves?  Are we concerned with seeing ourselves more highly than we ought?  There are times I take myself far too seriously and find that I am not as superior as I want to be.  I am one step closer to trying to be God; trying to be superior as God is superior instead of being holy as God is holy.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.