Building 7, Apartment 7:8

A friend lives in an apartment complex, and that is all I know.  What I want to do is find my friend and hang out, to be with him.  So I go to the front office and I ASK for my friend.  Whomever is available will give me some further information to help me find my friends so I can hang out with him.  I am told he lives in Building 7, Apartment 7-8.  So my next step is to begin a search for building 7, Apartment 7-8.  I SEEK out his building among the many.  I have to check the complex maps and layouts; I have to drive slowly to find the building numbers.  Once I come across building 7, I walk up to apartment # 7-8.  It has come to this point.  I am this close to being with my friend. Having asked and sought him out, there remains only one thing to do.  I have to KNOCK on the door, and he will answer. Having asked, I was given instruction; Having sought, I found; Having knocked, the door was opened...

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.