Normal people do not test well

In those moments when 'normal people' would give up and fall apart, there is a crazy blessing awaiting those who trust God in crazy moments. Genesis 22 is a crazy example. Abraham obeys and trusts God will provide in a moment nearly every normal parent would have given up with a hearty "Heck No!"

But in verse 1, we see the whole story is a test. God never tempts us, but he frequently tests us. He tested Abraham. He tested Job. He tests you.

God will put you to the test; count on it. BUT realize he puts you to the test not to see if you will make it. An all-knowing God does not need to see if you will make it. God tests you to show YOU that you are capable...

because he already knows.

The only unknown factor in God's tests is to what degree you will trust Him to provide.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.