The Evangelist in You

I have been asked what my evangelistic style is, and while I am not one to stand on the street corners preaching the word of God from the rooftops, that may be partly because I think there are better ways in which to preach the gospel (more effective ways). It may also be due to my understanding of evangelism as more relational than a force-fed rant or learned intellectual pathway or "road" written on a restaurant napkin. Now I am a firm believer that some people have the spiritual gift of evangelism, and those people should absolutely teach and preach the gospel at all costs.  But where there are some of us with this gift of evangelism, we are ALL called to relational evangelism.  If you are a Christian; a disciple of Christ, you absolutely must evangelize.

There is a common misunderstanding among Christians today that says, "Well I'm not really into evangelism as much as I am discipleship."  As if they are exclusive of each other!  You cannot be a disciple and not have a desire to evangelize.  Disciples, followers of Christ are called to GO and make disciples of all nations.  Evangelism is a part of discipleship.

Though you may not be one of those who have the gift of evangelism as a teacher or preacher, you are absolutely and inescapably called to relational evangelism.

As relational evangelists, our job is to treasure and cherish relationships with other people.  As relational evangelists, we have to be mindful of these treasures at all times and everywhere we go.  Relational evangelists realize that building sincere relationships with people means simply being involved in people's lives...intentionally.

As these relationships are built, you are always devoted to your growth in your most important relationship, with God, and as that primary relationship bleeds out into all others, you begin to break down all the destructive stereotypes people have of Christians, and thus, Jesus.

We know that Jesus is diametrically different from the stereotypes our culture has of him and his followers, and that if HE is really seen through an authentic relationship, even the most resistant people are drawn by authentic and sincere love.

As disciples and followers of Jesus, we are all called to be evangelists, and though you may not have the gift of teaching and preaching evangelism, no Christian is exempt of the call to relational evangelism.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.