My 51st Psalm

God, Have mercy on me, a sinner.  I was born a sinner and continue to return to my nature.  My sins are before me all the time, and they trap me with enticing power.  I know my sins and they have wedged themselves between you and I.  You have the right, the power, and ability to leave me behind because I have hurt you too many times.  I have driven disgusting wedges between us with my sin, and I deserve for you to leave me behind in my sinner’s silt.

Please do not leave me behind.  Please show me mercy and grace because of the love you have been known for.  Please do not remove yourself from me.  Please do not turn your back to me as I deserve.

You desire right living, wisdom, and holy living from me, and I often fall short of your desires for me.  Please forgive me and forget those disgusting things I have put between us.  I cannot separate myself from your LOVE, but I can separate myself from YOU.  Please remember your love for me and help me close the distance my sin has created between us.  Reunite us by erasing and deleting the sin I have placed between us.  If you forgive me, I will be truly forgiven.  I will be free to live in love with you.  If you close the sin-gap I’ve created, I will be reunited with you; the greatest lover of my soul.

My heart is clogged with sin, and it has affected my ability to relate with you clearly and unrestricted.  Please remove the restriction between the two of us, which keeps our hearts disconnected.  My guilt and shame remain; even after the sin is removed and forgotten.  So restore my heart to joy.  Restore my heart to its fullest ability to love you back without shame and guilt.  Help me sustain that clearance of heart.  Help me keep my heart clear of sin, shame, and guilt so that I can love and live for you fully and freely.

Only you can do these things in my heart.  I am nothing, and only you can repair my spirit.  Only you can repair my heart to its fullest potential to love and live and relate to you (and others through you).

I stand before you now…broken down…and fully dependant upon you.  Sacrifice is just a way of showing and proving my commitment to you, and my brokenness is the only sacrifice you will accept and respond to.  Please hear my cry!

- St. PC of the Broken and Repentant


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PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.