Pastor's Confession: Part 2

If you haven't read yesterday's post, you should in order to understand today's a little more clearly. In the place God has brought me as a pastor (reflected yesterday), here is a letter I have written to my leadership team. How willing would you be to write a similar letter to your students, your people, your leaders?


Hey you guys! I have been thinking about some things a lot lately, and I'd appreciate your feedback here if you could.

I'll come right out with it. Do you think we (I) am missing it by just preaching through ______ right now?

By that question I mean that I want to be more present in where the group itself is. I don't want to be so wrapped up in the study of things that we completely miss where the members of the group are spiritually.

That is not an issue of being spiritually mature or not. I mean more whether this is even something that this group is thinking about or needing right now? Would we be more true to leading and pastoring this group by coming to different issues than our current study?

I keep getting glimpses of the window that night we wrote our prayers on them. I remember seeing a lot of "failure" and "fear" and "lacking connection to God" and things of that sort.

Are we missing "it" by just plugging away at ______? And if so, what, in your conversations, in your own life, in your growth groups are the things that are continually coming up? What is a way we could find out more to hear where members of FUSION really are spiritually and in life?

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PC Walker

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