Most Beautiful 3 Minutes of My Day

I was trailed into my favorite coffee shop by a transient man. He stayed just inside the door as I progressed to the counter. The barista kept his eyes attached to the man, but said under his breath to me, "This is the second day he's showed up. He doesn't do anything wrong, though. So I don't mind him hanging there." First tinge of beauty.

Turning around, I watched the vagrant man hangout in the entry way. It is not especially hot or cold outside. So it could not have been for any relief from the elements that brought him to this threshold two days in a row. He didn't want coffee or money or a handout of any sort. So WHAT does he want here?

Naturally, he has attracted dozens of wandering eyes by now, but the beautiful things begin to show up for me.

He begins bobbing his head and twitching his body to the beat of the dance music on the house system. He is dancing. Subtle...but he is soaking the music like it is a hydration station on a marathon of beggared life.

The song ends and he turns to leave.


PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.