Ragamuffinpc on His Way to iTunes

Today, I was able to update my sermon audio hosting by moving to Portable Sermons. I am looking forward to the opportunities this affords me and YOU (assuming you even WANT my sermon audio). You are now able to do a couple things you were not previously able. 1. DOWNLOAD Now you are able to download any of the sermons instead of only listening to them on the site alone (though you CAN still listen to them on the site if you wish).

2. SUBSCRIBE Now you can click the "Subscribe to Podcast" button in the upper right hand corner and be notified each time I add a new sermon. I realize we might not be ready for that level yet. No worries; we can take it slow.

3. ITUNES I have submitted my archives to iTunes in hopes of hosting all the audio there as well. I am only awaiting the go ahead right now. When that happens, I will let people know of the availability.


PC Walker

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