Honorable Mention Catalyst Debrief

After this week of Catalyst Debrief, I thought I would just give you some other random quotes, which also stuck out. Enjoy! "Demons and the Holy Spirit are similar in that they both whisper to you...You have to know your word to know which is sweet and which is a lie." -Matt Chandler

"When young leaders stand on the shoulders of older leaders, they can see further ahead." -Nancy Ortberg

"I [a pastor] need to know to know [my congregants] workplace when I don't see them, but they also need to know what I do when they don't see me." -Eugene Peterson

"The tortoise always wins the race, and we live in a culture full of hares (you win battles with a thousand cuts; not one swipe of the machete)." -Dave Ramsey

"If I lead in ministry but not at home, that is not a leader; that is an actor." -Jon Acuff

"Secrets influence the way you lead because you compensate for it in the way you lead." -Andy Stanley

"'Come to Jesus and get _____.' If we fill that blank with ANYTHING but Jesus, we preach heresy." -David Platt


What of these quotes sticks out to you most? WHY?


PC Walker

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