If You Could Bring One Fictional Character to Life...

If "bringing to life" is bringing to MY life, I choose Dr. Huxtable. You could have had the best parents possible, and you would still want Dr. Huxtable to be your dad. Even now, as I am beginning the long journey that is parenthood, I already think to myself, "Who needs parenting books when there are so many episodes of the Cosby Show on television and DVD?"
Today I watch reruns of that show and wish I had a pen and paper to write ideas and pointers on how to handle things in half an hour.
If I could bring one fictional character to life, it would certainly be Dr. Huxtable.
HONORABLE MENTION: - President Palmer (you just have to think this country would get FIXED) - Mary Poppins (how many times have you just wanted to snap your fingers)

If YOU could bring one fictional character to life, who would it be and why?