The True Gospel of Influence and Image

Without looking, which stories in the gospels stick out to you as they have influenced your life the most? It is an interestingly telling question and approach to the gospels. I like the question because it reveals a few things.

INFLUENCE - it tells of your largest influences, but further, it tells of which stories you remember well enough to retell with adequacy and passion. Simply, the question reveals influence.

IMAGE - It is also telling of your strongest image of Jesus, and thus, of God. It may not be the only image, but it is likely your most prominant and relational image of God.

For me: Without looking, the prodigal son pops out immediately. Then comes Mary and Martha, the adulterous woman, and then the cross.

There are a few questions that reveals for me: What might these stories reveal about my prominant image of God? Why does the cross NOT come first? Shouldn't it?


Without looking, which gospel stories stick out to you as the most influential on you?

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.