Remembering a love affair

My God, I want to remember you. When I look at the way I relate to you, it is simply sad. It is not okay and no excuse is valid. My heart has not pursued you. I have remained faithful to my deeds. I am sure to maintain the tasks which give the appearance of relationship, but you and I both know the reality of the relationship is lacking, stale, and passionless at times (too many times).

I remember when all I wanted was you. I remember when I only desired time alone with you. I remember when you were my closest and only confidant in times of anxiety and trouble. I remember only wanting to speak to you when things were not okay in my life.

I remember walking hand in hand. I remember the exhilaration of your touch.

I remember having friends who only wanted to know how 'you and I' were doing. Friends who were thrilled to see you and I get closer and closer!

I remember the sense of beauty, passion, desire, creativity I could not contain for you. I remember trying to direct all my efforts and energy toward loving you and making sure others knew I loved you. I remember loving you so much I could not contain my desire for other people I care about to know you. To know "us" together!

I remember not being swayed by comments from people who could not believe someone like YOU would be with someone like me.

I remember the willingness to throw all responsibility aside if it meant time to be closer to you.

I remember these things to remind myself.

I remember these things to remember a burning fire, though recently hidden, was never quenched or doused.

I remember these things to remember a love affair which still remains after I dust away the layers of unintentionality.

I remember these things because I love you.

* Ecc. 12:1; Is. 54:5; 62:5; Jer. 3:14; Rev. 19:7-9

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.