Are The Youngsters Killing the Church?

"Hypocrisy is really curious. A lot of younger evangelicals are massively into debt, lots of toys, living at a lifestyle beyond their means, and then saying, 'I don't trust the church with my money.'"

When interviewed in Neue Magazine, this was Pastor Mark Driscoll's response to the question:

"Do you think it's that younger generations are less generous, or is it that they don't trust the Church  as much with their money?"

Now off the bat, it is important to clarify I am NOT a Mark Driscoll freak. In fact, in the past I have resisted Driscoll as I would fall pretty well in line theologically with him, but I agree that any theology which makes you a jerk is not a good theology.

But the interview in Neue and specifically this discussion has me very intrigued and in agreement with Pastor Mark. This question and his response was within an overarching discussion about the reality many of the older generations upon which the financial support of the American Church has been built are going to die off, and there is reason for concern to whether the mainline Church is going to survive the lack of generosity, giving, and tithing of the younger generation.

This has really had me thinking A LOT lately, and I wonder WHAT SAY YOU?

PC Walker

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