I am NOT praying next week because...

Next week is going to be "Prayer Week" at Ragamuffin Ramblings. It is my intention to post a prayer each day. There are several reasons I will be doing this, but there are a couple reasons I am NOT posting my prayers. I am NOT posting my prayers because... 1. It is National Day of Prayer Okay, the NDP is actually May 11, but it solidifies the fact this is NOT the reason I'll be posting prayers next week. I once heard Jackson Senyonga, a Ugandan evangelist,  say, "The National Day of Prayer is like running in, punching the devil in the face, and then running out."

Prayer should be much more of a lifestyle and as frequent and essential to us as oxygen, which leads to the second reason I am NOT posting my prayers next week...

2. Because everyone will see I am NOT posting my prayers next week because I want people to see them. I am not posting my prayers for all to see "as the hypocrites do". The hypocrites pray out loud on the street corners because they think they will be recognized for their many words.

I can assure you that my prayer life far from includes me in that group. In fact, my prayer life has faultered greatly, and I am need of an inciting incident to move me to prayer. It is my hope to see this next week as that very spark.


Will you join me? On your blog? On your facebook? On your twitter?

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.