March: Social Experiment Month

After the close of Quote Month at Ragamuffin Ramblings, it is time to discover what the month of March holds for this little piece of the world-wide web.

Upon some reflection, I look to make March 'Social Experiment Month'.

Last March I made it a goal to make intentional eye contact in every single interaction I had. I sought to journal my way through it in hopes of possibly creating a larger project out of it.

I will begin Social Experiment Month with some of my reflections from that short time last year.


I hope to engage with a few other social experiments each week of March.


I need to hear some ideas for social experiments I can engage with for a week at a time. I would love to have your suggestions here at Ragamuffin Ramblings or Facebook or twitter. Leave your suggestions for my consideration. But here are a few rules.

  1. This is not 'Jackass' - I am not trying to make this into challenge to see what I can do to make people uncomfortable around me (unless that is just a natural response). The hope is to see what sorts of things could these experiments do to see what sorts of things are or have become awkward (i.e. intentional eye contact) but when enacted create a sense of connection, community, concern for each other, etc.
  2. Where is the redemptive quality? - Upon your suggestion, what do suspect it might look like when I begin to participate. What good could come of it if you could predict?

Possible ideas: hugs, high fives, creative ways to serve people, ways to sacrifice my right in order to serve, not using phone or internet at coffee shop, how might I use my cell phone, cell phone pictures of something, etc.

What ideas would you suggest for me? What ideas would you like to see my reflections on here?

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.