Lent: Day 6 (thanks)

On this, the 6th day of my celebration of Lent. I would like to thank a few things.

1. Decaf Tea My daily schedule places me in a coffee shop at least once whether it be for writing or a meeting with a student. It has been fantastic watching all the baristas from shops I frequent react to my request for hot decaf tea. The tea has been fantastic to at least appease my need to drink SOMETHING.

2. B-Complex Vitamin The headaches most people (including myself) expected have not been too severe. What HAS been a drastic surprise is the lethargy that comes with the refraining from coffee by a self-proclaimed addict. B-Complex is specifically designed for energy metabolism, and I have certainly appreciated its effects. Thanks!

3. Motrin Just because they weren't as much of a factor as I had suspected doesn't mean that headaches AREN'T a factor at all.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.