Quote Month - Worship

"I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love." - Henry Ward Beecher

What more is worship than a confession of love with words and action? We worship well when we love well, and we worship poorly when we love poorly.

Worship says, "Only you are the center of my focus. Only you catch my eye the way you do."

Worship says, "Every great part of me craves only you."

Worship says, "I would do anything for your attention, for your touch, for your affection."

Worship says, " My heart beats wildly to think you actually like me back."

Worship says, "Only you!"

Worship says, "Reason be damned! I only strive to give to you all I can."

Worship says, "I.love.you."


What is your favorite quote about worship?

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.