My Favorite 3 Books (this year)

A friend of mine just asked me what my favorite 3 books I read in the last year are. I have not answered him (though I suppose this very post can be my answer). That is not a very simple question for me. I read a lot of books in a year. I also try to read about a variety of topics. Typically, I try to cycle through books on leadership, spiritual development, art, creativity, and church stuff. So it would almost be easier to select top books from each topic, but alas, that was NOT the question.

So here is my immediate reaction to his question, but not be the most thought through. This short list may be more adequately entitled "most memorable books I've read this year". No...thats not it. I'll just stop explaining and start writing:

"A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller I like Donald Miller. I'm not obsessed with him like many are, but I really like Don Miller. This is his most recent book, and I loved it. The whole idea of living a great story is incredibly intriguing to me.

 "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron This is one of the best books about art and creativity I have ever read. It is not a "new" book by any means, but I only read it for the first time in the last year. If you want to see your inner artist sparked again or for the first time, this is a great book.

 "The Tangible Kingdom" by Hugh Halter This book will not blow you away. It will not rock your world. It will not turn your perspective of the Church upside down, but it will certainly challenge you to begin thinking of things very differently. I loved this book, but I think it is only because it simply resonated well with where my heart had already been as it relates to the Church.

HONORABLE MENTION: "Angry Conversations with God" by Susan Isaacs "DeRailed" by Tim Irwin


What are your favorite 3 books you read this year? (you may not post if your titles include the words: moon, eclipse or rogue)

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