God first loved us...again

We are told God first loved us, and that is why we love Him. There is a disservice we enact on our heart when we think of this as a one time event. We speak about this as if it was only a single time that God loved us first. But the realization that God IS love means there is an endless love coming from Him. There is a sense that God's love never ceases. This means His love cannot be a moment. This means God's love is always.photo

God did not love us first one time. God still loves me first. It means even while I sleep, He loves me. When I wake up, before any thought I have of Him, He already loves me. When I take the time out of my schedule to be with God, He is there first. He loves me before I love Him.

Not that he already DID.. But every time I try to love God, he already DOES!


LISTENING TO: "Church Music" by David Crowder Band READING: "The Prayers of Kierkegaard" by Perry LeFevre

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.