No Allowance for You

Mom had a different viewpoint on chores than it seemed my friends' parents always had. I was jealous of friends who worked hard every Saturday or other "chore day". They often would not be allowed to hang out until those chores were done, and they never took a short amount of time. But I was not jealous of their chores; I HAD chores. I was jealous of their allowance.

My brothers and I did not receive an allowance for the chores we did around the house growing up. It may have been due to any range of reasons: mom was a single mom of 3 boys and likely didn't make enough to cover bills and a pre-teen payroll. I am sure that may have been a primary reason, but the reason we were given when we DID ask why we couldn't have an allowance was, "You don't do this for money; you do it because you love me."

Naturally, we didn't really understand that until much later.

We learned a valuable lesson through chores growing up. We learned a work ethic that sticks with me today. We learned how to be a part of a family and a household without ever being so bold as to think any member of the family is there to serve ME!

There were a lot of things we learned from this but the strong lesson is one Jesus also tried to teach.

LOVE drives us to act. Acts don't earn love.

Jesus said, "If you love me, you will keep my commands" and that is continually brought up in Jesus' words and teaching. It continues in Paul's teaching as well. The book of Titus has Paul reminding the church and the Judiazers that their great actions do not earn them God's love or salvation. Their actions are proof that they love God. Their actions are proof that they have salvation; not as a means of getting it.

This is the great lesson learned (in retrospect) by doing chores without an allowance.


LISTENING TO: "Stockholm Syndrome" by Derek Webb

READING: "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan

PC Walker

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