Scenes of Hope: you choose

Two scenes: both rainy: Downpour!

Scene One:
Once the rain begins, the two characters look for shelter; for refuge from the storm. There has to be somewhere to take cover while it passes over. Though the rain continues; they seek out and find a dry spot to post up while the rain runs its course.

Scene Two:
One character, for reasons we do not understand, walks to the window-front but stands in the rain; deadpan and miserable. He seeks no refuge or dry spot, but sits in the rain complaining about how wet he continues to get.

Once character chooses hope, the other despair.

Life will bring storms. It is a fact you can count on. It is a reality in which you have no choice. Your only choice is whether you choose refuge or misery.

Psalm 11:1 says God is our refuge; our shelter in the storm.

Though the storm is inevitable; our choices are not.

Will you choose hope or despair?


LISTENING TO: "Your Hands" by JJ Heller

PC Walker

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